Friday, April 22, 2011

EveVenture Celebrates Earth Day - Today & Every Day

April 22, 2011, commemorates Earth Day. This is a time to reflect and a time to step up and become better stewards of our natural resources.

EveVenture empowers consumers to partner with a reputable, environmentally-friendly company for their most basic shopping decisions. It's amazing how simple shopping decisions related to everyday consumable goods can have a huge environmental impact over time.

Some of the key practices that we recommend and endorse include:
  • Concentrating products wherever possible to minimize unnecessary, bulky plastic packaging
  • Deriving ingredients from sustainable, natural resources
  • Refusing to use toxic chemicals such as bleaches and phosphates that wreak havoc on our indoor air quality and our rivers and streams
  • Incorporating recycled materials into the manufacturing process
  • Choosing delivery modes and packaging with minimal environmental impact

Instead of polluted streams and overflowing landfills, let's leave a legacy of stewardship, sustainability, respect and gratitude for our precious natural resources.