Saturday, January 26, 2013

Me? An Entrepreneur? How EveVenture Helps Everyday People Become Their Own Boss

At EveVenture, we are a team of independent contractors providing basic advertising, marketing and account setup services. Whether you are familiar with the 9 to 5 grind of working for someone else OR already enjoying the freedoms of contracting or owning your own business, EveVenture can be a great complement to your career and financial future.

We have a simple, yet empowering approach to work from home that features these benefits:

  • Simple Training - Our four step Getting Started Training can be completed in just two hours or less and we have both online and conference call Continuing Education modules to help you map out a clear, realistic business plan for achieving your goals with the team.
  • Flexible Scheduling - Days? Nights? Weekends? As an independent contractor with EveVenture, you get to decide when you work, where you work, how quickly you work and so on. We offer time leverage tools all throughout the work week to help save you time and stay on track.
  • Personalized Mentoring - We don't expect you to know everything when you get started. We walk you through your training, guide you in creating realistic and attainable goals, and provide hands-on support where you get to learn by doing basic tasks together (as opposed to just reading or listening to how-to's).
  • Team Support - You get to utilize the existing experience and expertise of a vibrant team of real, live people are already earning supplemental OR career-level incomes from home. That experience really helps you to jumpstart your own business and receive helpful guidance all along your career path with the team.
These benefits make it possible for that dream of being your own boss to finally become a tangible reality.