Monday, February 21, 2011

What does EveVENTURE do?

Many times people want to know exactly what it is that we do. In fact, a few of these folks even ask this question after they just heard a 30 minute presentation. Is it because they were just not paying attention, distracted or just plain dense? In some cases, sure – those COULD be the reasons they ask. However, there are at least two other explanations we can think of that could cause someone to ask that question after just having heard the answer.

#1    Each presenter explains the information in his or her own way. While our presenters are amazing and very talented, everyone communicates their perspective in their own unique way. People are unique and we all communicate and understand in a variety of ways. For example, one presenter might say "We don't sell products or keep stock in our homes." While another presenter might say "We do not exchange goods for money or keep inventory." Both presenters said the same thing, didn't they? Some people would say yes. Others would say "It depends on what you mean by the words "sell products vs exchange goods for money." This is just one example of how people communicate differently. (For the record, EveVENTURE does not exchange goods for money nor do we keep or stock products in our home in order to sell them. We do however, endorse and open accounts for a company that does manufacture their own products.)

#2    The 2d reason I think people still want to know what we do after they've just heard about us is that they cannot quite wrap their minds around the fact that an organization would be so generous with their time and resources at no charge. People have been taught to believe that nothing is free and everything has a catch. When they encounter a volunteer organization like EveVENTURE, it is just incomprehensible to them that a group would spend thousands of dollars a year to help them get started with free resources. So, when someone comes off of one of our presentations, we do encourage our members to reiterate the fact that our members do receive ongoing mentoring, coaching, free websites (no hosting or maintenance charges, setup is free) and the ability to do their home business on the Internet. Granted, we DO pay a $29 membership fee to our parent company so that we can get started and it includes an amazing membership kit but everything that EveVENTURE provides it's members is complimentary.

So what do we do? In a nutshell, we setup accounts for an international company that manufactures green products. Plain and simple. We can do this using the Internet or we can talk to people that we know. It's a matter of choices. Through the years, EveVENTURE has had many men, women, married, single, with and without children get excited about what they see and join our members. We originally began with the concept of helping Moms stay home around their children. Many of our features and resources were developed BY moms FOR moms because moms with children at home have specific needs. Turns out a lot of people – male and female- with and without children love the flexibility that we offer too!
What we do is straightforward and uncomplicated. We're independent contractors. We receive a paycheck on a monthly basis for the work we've done (with weekly pay options). Checks are mailed on the 15th of each month. As an independent contractor, we receive a 1099 at the end of the year instead of a W-2. We're not the ones writing the paychecks every month. Our paycheck comes from our parent company. We set up accounts for them. We train you how to acquire and set up these accounts from the comfort of your home using your telephone and the Internet. You do not have to "know" a lot of people to be successful working with us. Your day to day work is simple and the key is to be consistent.

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  1. I have been working with all of you for over 5 1/2 years now and I am constantly impressed by the sense of community that we have here and the on-going positive changes that allow all of us to have better lives on many levels. Thank you so much.